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Individual memberships range between $3,500-$6,000
annually, and we offer tiered family pricing.

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Sollis Health

Medical Concierge Services for Diamond Honors Members

Enjoy a complimentary year of membership and receive 24/7 doctor, private ER, telemedicine and concierge benefits. Sollis provides on-demand expert care in our private centers, via virtual visits or in your home.  Whether it’s an emergency or simply to diagnose the symptoms you may Google in the middle of the night, our members-only model ensures you will never wait to see a doctor.

Register below and an advisor will respond within 1 business day to initiate your complimentary 12-month membership.






At the conclusion of the annual trial period, you can continue with an individual or family
Sollis Health membership account at a rate of $2,500 per adult member (over 50% discount).
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Family Membership

Sollis Health is also pleased to offer a discounted rate to the extended family of Bank of America Preferred Rewards Diamond Honors tier clients.  For any additional adults added to the account, the charge would be $2,500 per year per adult member (over 50% discount) and for any children under 18 years of age, the rate would $1,000 annually. 

Membership Includes

Our flagship centers are open 24/7, offering a private and seamless alternative to the ER. Or call us anytime to virtually chat with our in-center practitioners.

Sollis Health Upper East Site NYC

We help you navigate the complex medical system, serving as the liaison between our members and their care team and coordinating treatment across providers.

Should you require hospitalization, we’ll arrange everything from access to the best physicians, VIP rooms & services to coordination of paperwork and admissions.


We provide access to the world’s best specialists — securing you an appointment in days instead of weeks.

two hands exchanging a sollis health business card over a marble background

We’ll provide planning support and find medical care near any place you’re visiting in the world.

For an additional fee our emergency-trained physicians & imaging equipment can come directly  to you — we can perform everything from bloodwork and IV infusions to stitches and X-Rays in the comfort of your home.

A Concierge Approach to Routine Blood Work

Come in as often as you need – no wait or appointment needed. Membership includes access to every center across the country.

Access unlimited testing for Flu, Strep, RSV and Covid-19.

With advanced imaging and a state-of-the-art lab on-site, we expedite your path to treatment.

Sollis is an out-of-network provider, however, we can submit claims on your behalf for reimbursement. Per the Membership Agreement, a Sollis membership may be canceled by the member at any time during the first year and up to 30 days after each renewal date in subsequent years by reaching out to Member Services, letting them know they would like to cancel membership. A renewal email will be sent prior to the end of your annual membership term. This email will inform members that they can commence their own individual or family Sollis Health membership account at a rate of $2,500 per adult member (and continued discounted rates on any family members added). The Renewal Reminder Email will be sent 30 days in advance of the end of an annual membership term. It will ask whether the member would like to renew or cancel. If Sollis doesn’t receive a response, Sollis will keep their membership active until the members inform us otherwise.
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