On Sunday night, I was at a party in Brooklyn and slipped on some ice that was on the floor and landed on my chin. When I got to the facility, the team quickly assessed the extent of my injury and immediately put me at ease. I required 7 stitches in my chin and the entire process from intake to dismissal was less than 45 minutes. I must admit that I have never received that level of care before in my life! Instead of being just a number in another medical facility, I was treated with dignity and respect. An organization’s most important assets are the employees that make up the team, and your staff was as amazing as they were professional and caring.

    -Bob S


    Sollis Health offered one of the best hospitality experiences I’ve had in a very long time. I’m so thankful for the team, who was so attentive, kind and professional. At all times, I felt like I was in very capable hands.

    – Waris A


    When I had complications from surgery that required immediate attention, I went to Sollis Health. I walked in, was warmly greeted and seen immediately by Dr. Kaiden. He was incredibly attentive and kept me informed throughout the visit. When it became apparent I needed an invasive procedure, he quickly and successfully performed it, and I began to feel better. I was there from start to finish about 1.5 hours, all in a quiet room of my own, without the chaos of a hospital ER. When I last had the same procedure performed in a hospital ER, it took 7 hours. I whole-heartedly endorse Sollis Health.

    – Roger R


    After being diagnosed with prostate cancer, I have had a string of doctors with a range of treatments, all with poor results. I had been left desperate and disheartened, unsure of who to believe or the right course of action. When I contacted Sollis Health for another opinion, they scheduled me an appointment next day with the leading authority in Urology (Mt Sinai’s Chairman) and have continued to follow up and monitor my care. I now feel confident that I am getting the best treatment possible.

    – Philip P


    Sollis Health is a godsend! I was in rehearsals for a new musical, and I injured my big toe. Because of Sollis Health, I was able to open only two weeks later. Yes, I had to wrap my broken toe and it hurt like h*%#, but I never missed a show!

    – Laura B