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Member Privileges

Membership also comes with exclusive perks— an assortment of benefits from our brand partners.


Member Privileges

Membership also comes with exclusive perks— an assortment of benefits from our brand partners.

Apparel & Accessories

Anndra Neen is a statement jewelry and accessories line founded by sisters Phoebe and Annette Stephens in 2009. The pieces are handmade by artisans in their workshop in Mexico City where the sisters are from.

Offer: Sollis members receive 30% off sitewide. Enter code ANxSollisHealth30 at checkout to redeem.

Women’s work is changing, but women’s workwear hasn’t evolved for decades. Through confident clothes and an inspiring community, Argent is creating a movement that’s all about self-expression, versatility as a power move, and radical equality when it comes to paychecks, pockets, and everything in between.

Offer: Sollis members receive 15% off their first Argent purchase. Enter code Sollis15 at checkout to redeem.

With hand-painted prints inspired by the founders’ travels, Desmond & Dempsey make fancy pajamas to celebrate life at home. The sort of pajamas that can make everyday pursuits feel a little bit deluxe. Fine cotton. Free monogramming. A tuxedo of leisure, if you will.

Offer: Sollis members receive 10% off sitewide. Enter the code SOLLISHEALTH10 at checkout to redeem.

DONNI’s collection focuses on elevated everyday essentials that are comfort-forward with special details, taking inspiration from menswear and vintage favorites. Its pieces aim to become go-to’s in your closet that bring something special to the everyday.

Offer: Sollis members receive 30% off. Enter code SollisHealth at checkout to redeem.*
*Offer excludes slippers + pearl jewelry

By combining contemporary design with traditional Andean knitting techniques, Eleven Six thoughtfully creates women’s knitwear that’s sustainably produced in Peru.

Offer: Sollis members receive 20% off sitewide. Enter the code SOLLISHEALTH20 at checkout to redeem.

HATCH is a maternity fashion and skincare brand offering chic and timeliness solutions for before, during + after pregnancy. Shop their assortment of everyday essentials, chic maternity fashion, intimates, fourth-trimester products, and non-toxic, mama-safe beauty.

Offer: Sollis members receive 15% off their first purchase. Enter code SOLLIS15 at checkout to redeem.

Jason Scott makes everyday basics that feel anything but. The brand is synonymous with quality – source our custom made Pima Cotton fabrics from Peru, which is the highest quality of cotton available.

Offer: Sollis members receive 30% off sitewide or in-store. Enter the code SollisHealth30 at checkout to redeem.

KULE is a fashion brand making classic clothes with a happy wink 😉 Designed by CFDA member Nikki Kule, the brand launched as a childrenswear brand in 2001, and later relaunched as a collection of perfect stripe tees in 2015. Now encompassing multiple categories for women, mens, and kids, the brand is sold at KULE.com and through luxury retailers around the world.

Offer: Sollis members receive 25% off sitewide and access to VIP customer service and personal shopping. Enter the code SOLLISHEALTH25 at checkout to redeem the discount and please email vip@kule.com or call 917.388.3863 for personal shopping services.

Live The Process offers transitional activewear and knits, as well as experiential editorials for souls on a journey to self-actualization. Each piece is thoughtfully created with layering, design and construction in mind. The collection is meant for movement of all kind and has an unsurpassed level of detail in order to create perfect symmetry.

Offer: Sollis members receive 25% off sitewide. Enter code SollisHealth25 at checkout to redeem.


Dodo Banana kids’ pajamas combine impeccable quality and 100% organic and sustainable Pima cotton with original hand-illustrated artwork by Alessandra Olanow.

Offer: Sollis members receive 15% off. Enter code SollisHealth at checkout to redeem.

Health & Wellness

A.OK is an all-over body oil for reconnecting with yourself. A hydrating and nourishing blend of botanical and essential oils to soothe skin and replenish body and mind. Use daily and generously all over to feel A.OK.

Offer: Sollis members receive 15% off. Enter code Sollis15 at checkout to redeem.

Meet AG1, the world’s most talked about daily nutritional habit. One tasty scoop contains 75 vitamins, minerals and whole food-sourced ingredients, including a multivitamin, multimineral, probiotic, greens superfood blend and more in one convenient daily serving. The special blend of high-quality ingredients in a scoop of AG1 work together to fill the nutritional gaps in your diet, support energy and focus, aid with gut health and digestion, and support a healthy immune system – effectively replacing multiple products or pills with one healthy, delicious drink.

Offer: Sollis members receive a one-year supply of Vitamin D and 5 complimentary travel packs with your first purchase. Click here to redeem.

Boisson was born when many people were reconsidering their drinking habits during the pandemic. Two friends discovered a world of amazing non-alcoholic products that needed to be shared, so they set out to create a welcoming, judgment-free shopping experience that sparks curiosity for others. We provide #sophisticatedsips to those looking for an alternative to alcohol, no matter their reasons why.

Offer: Sollis members receive 20% off all purchases with Boisson, in-store or online. Enter code Sollis20 to redeem.

Developed by a world renowned ENT surgeon and an anesthesiologist, Euka provides a preservative-free, pH balanced suite of products that help maintain the highest standard of breathing and wellness.

Offer: Sollis members receive 20% off sitewide. Enter the code SollisHealth20 at checkout to redeem.

Facile Skincare is a simplified regimen of proven, dermatologist-formulated products designed to help you achieve the best version of your skin. From our everyday skin basics to our targeted treatment serums, our uncomplicated formulas use effective, non-toxic, and feel-good ingredients you know and trust — because your skin is as unique as you are.

Offer: Sollis members receive 20% off all skincare products sitewide. Enter the code SOLLIS20 at checkout to redeem.

Chances are, you’re looking at your phone right now and straining your neck and back muscles in the process. Forme’s innovative patented posture wearables, are advancing self-care and remedy in posture, spine and musculoskeletal disorders. Their patented technology enables the body to relearn its best alignment spatial sense to keep your back straight, reduce pain and stiffness, and elevate your performance.

Offer: Sollis members receive 20% off their purchase. Enter code Posture20 at checkout to redeem.

Naturopathic doctor formulated and clinical tested nutritional supplements and skin care that are safe and effective. Make your skin healthy inside and out with Dr. Nigma’s science-based beauty and wellness products.

Offer: Sollis members receive 15% off their purchase. Enter code SollisHealth15 at checkout to redeem.

HigherDOSE is a wellness technology brand based in New York City on a mission to ignite vitality. They create at-home spa systems using advanced wellness technologies, reimagined to fit your lifestyle.

Offer: Sollis members receive 20% off all at-home infrared products and in-store infrared sauna or lymphatic drainage sessions. Enter code Sollis20 at checkout to redeem.

Jack Henry is a self-care and wellness brand based in CA with a global presence. Our proprietary, plant-based formulations are created and produced in-house with thoughtful, clean, and simple ingredients that benefit the mind and body.

Offer: Sollis members receive 25% off sitewide. Enter the code SOLLISHEALTH at checkout to redeem.

Lake & Skye is modern and conscious beauty including award-winning fragrance, candles, body and more. Products are vegan, cruelty free and unisex.

Offer: Sollis members receive 15% off sitewide. Enter the code SollisHealth15 at checkout to redeem.

LINNÉ is an ethically crafted skincare line formulated exclusively from superlatively sourced plants and minerals. Their hard-working yet gentle products effectively address a range of skin concerns, including but not limited to acne, dehydration, inflammation, hyperpigmentation, sensitivity and premature aging.

Offer: Sollis members receive 20% off their first LINNÉ purchase along with a free consultation with the brand’s founder, Jenna Levine. Enter the code SollisHealth20 at checkout to redeem/email for consultation: hello@linnebotanicals.com.

Supplement labels make a lot of promises that they can’t deliver because the nutrients pass through your body without ever reaching your cells. LivOn Labs changed everything by using liposomes to deliver vitamins to the bloodstream and the cells where they are needed.

Offer: Sollis Members receive a free box of Alpha Lipoic Acid with a purchase of buy Vitamin. Visit this link to redeem.

Looni is elevating the menstrual cycle with innovative, medically-formulated products and a holistic approach to your care.

Offer: Sollis members receive 15% off your first order. Enter code SollisHealth at checkout to redeem.

ONDA Beauty co-founders Larissa Thomson and Naomi Watts believe in the power of clean beauty. They have created a conscious beauty business aimed at those looking to experience the transformative effects of clean through a carefully curated selection of products, as well as intuitive treatments.

Offer: Sollis members will receive a 15% product discount after their first treatment. ONDA Beauty will waive the $65 setup fee on any facial subscription purchase. This offer is valid in-store only, share code SOLLISHEALTH15 at checkout to redeem.

Perelel is the first and only vitamin founded by an OB/GYN, offering targeted nutrition for wherever a woman is in her reproductive lifecycle. They’re powered by an exclusive team of world-class doctors and leading experts–from OBs, to endocrinologists, nutritionists, dietitians, perinatal psychiatrists ad more–who work with Perelel to review all of product formulations, inform product development, and fuel their content.

Offer: Sollis members receive 20% off their purchase. Enter the code SOLLISHEALTH at check out to redeem.

Prima is a whole body care brand making skincare, bodycare and supplements that target stress at its source.

Offer: Sollis members receive 20% off. Enter code SOLLIS20 to redeem.

Shamana Circle’s mission is to be an inclusive space. They are an in-person and virtual movement studio in Bermuda focused on pelvic health and abdominal rehabilitation. This is movement food for your soul; in a body neutral environment. They combine the strong focus of Pilates, the sweet intention of Yoga and developmental kinesiology into every class.

Offer: Sollis members receive 20% off our virtual movement studio, SHAMANA AT HOME, virtual private sessions, and doula services. Enter the code SOLLISHEALTH20 at checkout to redeem. Members also receive a free consultation with Doula, Nat Flood for all of your pregnancy and postpartum questions.

SOLEIL TOUJOURS is skin care for the sun. Free of oxybenzone, octinoxate, nanoparticles, parabens, silicones, sulfates, mineral oils, gluten, animal products, synthetic fragrances and colorants, and infused with potent antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients, Soleil Toujours products erase the divide between luxury skin care and serious sun care. Their sunscreen and sun care formulas promote SPF application as an essential part of your daily routine, not just a beach day consideration.

Offer: Sollis members receive 20% off sitewide. Enter the code SoleilxSollis20 at checkout to redeem.

Standard Dose is a multi-brand retailer dedicated to elevating the standard for plant-based wellness. Committed to education, transparency and trust, Standard Dose offers a curated selection of products that meet the highest standards of quality, effectiveness and experience.

Offer: Sollis members receive 20% off your order. Enter code SollisHealth20 at checkout to redeem.

For over 25 years, Tammy Fender has pioneered a movement towards natural, plant-based luxury skincare and sacred wellness. As a renowned holistic practitioner, Tammy is known for her award-winning Spa, her skin care collection, which celebrates the exquisite beauty of the plant kingdom, and her devoted following, who swear by her transformative facials and formulations.

Offer: Sollis members receive 20% off sitewide. Enter the code Sollis20 at checkout to redeem.

Everybody goes to the dentist, but rarely do they have a positive experience. Tend was built to create a new standard for oral health, starting at the dentist. Tend is a full-service dentistry that provides everything from checkups and dental exams to restorative care, oral surgery, orthodontics, cosmetic treatments and more. Tend also offers a suite of dentist-designed consumer products to extend its mission into the daily lives of members.

Offer: Sollis Health members receive an exclusive 30% off Tend’s oral care products. Enter the code SOLLIS30 here to redeem.

As the leader in conscious nail care for over a decade, Tenoverten offers nail care solutions that cleanse, nourish, color, and gloss without harmful ingredients.

Offer: Sollis members receive 20% off sitewide. Enter the code SOLLIS20 at checkout to redeem.

Veracity is a hormone health based wellness brand that offers at-home hormone testing, skincare and supplements. All of their products are hormone clean and developed from scientific research, data, and validated by their medical advisory team.

Offer: Sollis members receive 20% off off skincare, supplements, and the Skin + Health Test Booking Code. Enter the code SOLLIS20 at checkout to redeem.

Well Told Health is a female founded, emerging plant-based wellness company that offers a variety of supplements, remedies and other functional wellness products. Well Told Health’s mission is “Clean wellness for all”.

Offer: Sollis members receive 20% off their first order. Enter code SOLLISHEALTH20 at checkout to redeem.


French Presse is a full-service design and supply business based in New York. Through their curation of bedding, bath, table and décor products, they hope to spread joy in your most important space: your home. The designs range from formal to comfortable, but are always chic, sustainable, and meant to bring peace and serenity to you and your guests.

Offer: Sollis members receive 25% off purchases. Enter code SollisHealth at checkout to redeem.

Since 1860, Frette has endeavored to produce linens and home furnishings of unparalleled quality. Known for their chic, original design and inimitable finish and feel, Frette bed linens can be found in many of the world’s most prestigious hotels as well as in the most discerning private homes, yachts and aircraft.

Offer: Sollis members receive 20% off their first full-price purchase. Enter code SOLLIS23 at checkout to redeem.

Since 1852, Hästens has been handcrafting every detail of their bespoke beds using only the finest natural materials. The Sleep Spa is an exclusive wellness experience – Hästens is passionate about sleep and takes a holistic approach to educate and fit clients into the perfect bed.

Offer: Sollis members receive 10% off any bed and/or soft goods purchase. Please visit your local Hästens Sleep Spa to redeem.

HOUSE of WARIS is redesigning our relationship to wellbeing with organic teas, herbs and adaptogens for a better you. They travel the world to source and find the highest quality teas, herbs and spices and healing solutions.

Offer: Sollis members receive 20% off sitewide. Enter the code SOLLIS20 at checkout to redeem.

Sakara Life is a wellness company that specializes in nutritional programs, products and supplements, designed to help you feel like your best, most vital self. The nutrition program is based on their exclusive pillars of nutrition, which merges ancient healing wisdom with research-backed science.

Offer: Sollis members receive 25% off your first purchase of the Signature Nutrition Program or wellness essentials. Use code: PN_SOLLISHEALTH25 at checkout to redeem.

TRNK is a design studio and curatorial platform that celebrates the role of art and design in intimate, livable spaces. Alongside their in-house product line, TRNK Collection, they feature a cultivated selection of furniture, objects, and artworks from a diverse roster of global talents.

Offer: Sollis members receive 15% off all products. Enter code SollisTRNK15 at checkout to redeem.


Access Global is a boutique style luxury travel service with expertise in chauffeured transportation, car rental, private jet charter and yacht charters in over 1100 cities worldwide. They deliver the highest level of personal service to ensure each client feels like their only client.

Offer: As a Sollis member, you are entitled to the following:

  • 15% Off Chauffeured Transportation Services
  • Complimentary upgrades for chauffeured service (based on availability)
  • Complimentary upgrades on car rentals (based on availability)
  • Complimentary chauffeured transportation for any private jet booking
  • $200.00 catering credit for private jet bookings

To contact Access Global, simply email sollis@letsaccess.com.

Some people get there. Others arrive. Alto is redefining rideshare with a luxury fleet of SUVs, professional employee drivers, and a curated experience complete with in-app music control and thoughtful amenities on every ride. Download Alto to elevate your ride. Currently operating in LA, SF, Dallas, Houston, Miami, and DC.

Offer: Sollis members receive one month free membership + $100 in ride credit. Download the Alto App and enter SOLLISHEALTH, followed by SOLLISHEALTH100 to redeem.

Chileno Bay was created with a distinct vision to bring a contemporary take on the classic Baja escape with an airy, open aesthetic that blurs the line between indoor and outdoor with private terraces in each guest room. Nestled along a protected cove, the most desirable beach in Los Cabos has long been known for its tranquil, swimmable waters and pristine coral reefs, where a short venture out to sea unveils a hidden underwater world of tropical fish and sea turtles.

Offer: Sollis members receive a ‘4th Night Free’ on best rate available + daily breakfast for two. Email cbr.reservations@aubergeresorts.com to redeem. *Valid for travel through October 31, 2023. Bookings must be made by February 28, 2023.

Waves crash along the rocks, sending salty spray into air warmed by brilliant sunshine. This centuries-old rhythm helped shape Cabo’s Punta Ballena coastline, named for its resemblance to a whale’s tail. Feel at harmony with the vivid sensations of Baja California—and with the Esperanza family.

Offer: Sollis members receive a ‘4th Night Free’ on best rate available + daily breakfast for two. Email esp.reservations@aubergeresorts.com to redeem. *Valid for travel through October 31, 2023. Bookings must be made by February 28, 2023.

Design Hotels represents more than 300 independent hotels around the world. For more than 25 years, we have been curating a global collection of independent, design-driven hotels that function as social hubs and spaces for purposeful experiences.

Offer: Sollis members receive up to 50% off at selected hotels. Take advantage of our offers now, or keep checking back to explore the latest deals.

As we all navigate the current climate, Quintessentially is excited to get back to doing what we love. Whether you’re most looking forward to dining at your favorite restaurants, attending concerts and cultural events, or booking a dream vacation for you and your family, they are here to reconnect you with the things that you love— and have missed.

Offer: Sollis members receive guaranteed application acceptance, waived application fee ($1,500 value), and one additional complimentary month of membership. Contact Charlotte.Barge@quintessentially.com to redeem.

Wellness Experience

Begin your journey in strengthening and defining your body and mind with Ashley Patten Pilates. Pilates is a full-body workout that strengthens and stretches from the inside out.

Offer: Sollis members receive 20% off your 6-month subscription. Enter code SollisHealth at checkout to redeem.

Cenegenics is the global leader in Performance Health Age Management. The Cenegenics Program delivers significant improvements in cognitive, physical and metabolic health through metabolic and hormonal optimization, biofeedback, nutraceuticals and peak fitness training. Cenegenics Clients live longer, more energized lives and slow down their biological aging process.

Offer: Sollis Health Members receive a $1,000.00 credit when they enroll with Cenegenics. Sign up for a complimentary consultation here to redeem.

Intro is the best way to book the world’s most in-demand experts and get personalized advice over a one-on-one video call. You can now get help on your business from top founders and CEOs like Spencer Rascoff (Founder of Zillow) and Alli Webb (Founder of Drybar), design your home with Nate Berkus (celebrity interior designer), get styled with Rachel Zoe (celebrity stylist), jumpstart your wellness routine with Sami Clarke (celebrity personal trainer), get entertaining tips from Mindy Weiss (celebrity event planner), and more.

Offer: Sollis members receive $50 off your first Intro session. Enter code Sollis50 at checkout before March 31st to redeem.

Nue Life is a next-generation mental wellness company committed to providing psychedelic therapy in the comfort of patients’ homes. Their personalized ketamine therapy programs provide holistic care that includes one-on-one health coaching and group integration sessions. Their team of dedicated physicians, nurses, and support professionals safely delivers transformative care that addresses the root cause of trauma and “dis-ease.”

Offer: Sollis members receive 20% with code SollisHealth20. Sign up for a complimentary consultation here to redeem.*
*Currently servicing California, New York, Florida, Texas, Washington, New Jersey, Tennessee, Georgia, Massachusetts, Arizona, and Colorado.

Open is a mindfulness app built to transform your life. Experience the power of combining breathwork, meditation, sound, and movement to strengthen your mind-body connection. Practice with the best teachers in the world – anywhere, anytime. 

Offer: Sollis members receive one complimentary month of membership, click here to redeem.

ORA is an acupuncture space whose mission is to help patients on their health and wellness journey through traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). ORA combines the knowledge of Western medicine with applied traditional techniques of ancient Chinese medicine to offer an integrative approach to health care.

Offer: Sollis members receive a complimentary one month membership at ORA: two sessions / month, 15% off retail or additional services, and two complimentary tea or teas. To start your membership, email concierge@oraspace.com.

Ricari Studios is a modern health spa that meets at the intersection of beauty, wellbeing, and recovery. With a restorative approach to skin and body care, they elevate the fundamentals of traditional techniques with innovative technology.

Offer: Sollis members receive 20% off your first treatment. Enter the code SOLLISHEALTH20 at checkout to redeem.

SKY TING consists of bespoke studios and a streaming platform for yoga classes and wellness content. Their mission is to serve as a platform to make wellness techniques accessible and deeply connect with their growing community— anywhere, anytime.

Offer: Sollis members receive 25% off a monthly SKY TING TV membership. Enter code SOLLISHEALTH23 at checkout to redeem.

Soul Through Sound offers powerful tools such as sound meditation, sound healing, breath work, vocalizations, gentle movements to bring you into the state of relaxation and natural self-healing. Practitioners Franck Raharinosy and Viktoryia Kukandzina have worked with over 1000 clients: in private, family, group and corporate settings.

Offer: Sollis members get 30% off for Sound Meditation and Healing ($450 instead of $650 for 1 to 20 people). Enter code soulthroughsound30 at checkout to redeem or email soulthroughsound@gmail.com.

THE WELL is pioneering a new way to care for your health. Their products, programs and spaces integrate modern medicine and ancient modalities and deliver personalized, holistic health care that works. You can find them in New York City, Washington, Connecticut and Pérez Zeledón, Costa Rica.

Offer: As a Sollis member, you are entitled to:

  • THE WELL Cleanse: $25 off (one-time use) – use code SOLLIS at checkout to redeem.
  • THE WELL New York: Free mindful movement class (one-time use), $25 off treatment of $100 or more (valid M-Th) through 12/31/2022. Booking of a service or participation in a class gives you access to their facilities, including locker room, showers, steam & sauna. Email reservations@the-well.com and mention that you’re a Sollis Health member to redeem.
  • THE WELL at The Mayflower Inn, Auberge Resorts Collection: Free mindful movement class (one-time use) or $50 off treatment $250 or more. Email may.spa@aubergeresorts.com and mention that you’re a Sollis Health member to redeem.
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