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With global travel accelerating for the summer, we’ve compiled a list of top member destinations with their current regulations. Our travel concierge desk can guide you when it comes to navigating international Covid-19 protocols. 

If you have any medical need either before or during your travels, Sollis is on hand 24/7 to assist. If you need further assistance with booking, we can also connect you with a luxury travel agency with further Covid-travel expertise. 

Turks & Caicos:
Entering tourists need to complete a COVID-19 PCR test, taken no more than 5 days before arrival, have travel insurance, and have applied for the TCI Travel Assured Authorization. Quarantine on arrival is not required. 

St. Barts:
Tourists are required to provide a vaccination certificate and will be asked to present documentation of a negative RT-PCR test performed three days prior to their arrival. An antigen test within 48 hours will be accepted. Visitors under the age of 18 will not need any vaccination and visitors under 10 are not subject to testing.

United Kingdom:
Tourists must also provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken in the 3 days before you leave for the UK. Before arrival, tourists must book two Covid-19 tests to be taken in the UK and provide your contact details by completing the online passenger locator form. All tourists must abide by the testing and quarantine rules in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. Full vaccination does not exempt individuals from the testing and quarantine rules. 

Vaccination is not required for entry.  If you are vaccinated and can provide a certificate of vaccination, then you may forgo PCR testing— please reach out to our travel concierge team to learn more. Upon boarding, each traveller aged 11 years or older must present a negative PCR or antigenic test taken less than 72 hours before the flight. All travelers are encouraged to download their
TousAntiCovid app for updates and alerts. 

Tourists who have fully inoculated and those who were either previously infected or have recovered may enter with a completed pre-registration form with these additional requirements. There are also these specific requirements to prove previous infection

Tourists with certificates of vaccination may be eligible for exemption of the above measures. 

All arriving tourists will be tested at the borders, quarantine for five days and undergo a second test upon finishing. Learn more about quarantine requirements and information applicable to children and  individuals carrying certificates of vaccination prior to infection.

PCR test within 72 hours of travel.  If you are vaccinated, you may forgo the PCR testing however you must show a “certificate” of vaccination.  All travelers must complete their PLF up until the day before entering the country, providing detailed information on their point of departure, the duration of previous stays in other countries, and the address of their stay while in Greece, they will need to show the confirmation email of completion before boarding and will receive their QR code upon arrival or while in transit.   They also strongly suggest downloading their app. 

Travelers who have been fully vaccinated outside of Hawaii or are not vaccinated will need to present a negative NAAT result from a certified Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment (CLIA) lab in order to bypass the State of Hawaii’s 10-day mandatory quarantine. The State of Hawaii will only accept test results from their Trusted Testing and Travel Partners

24 hours prior to departure, it is required for all travelers to register with the State of Hawaii Safe Travels app to answer the health questionnaire. Travelers who have been fully vaccinated in Hawaii can upload their certificate of vaccination to the app and may be eligible to bypass quarantine without a pre-travel test.

For fully vaccinated individuals, testing and quarantine is not required but regulations vary based on the airline. To learn more about specific airline regulations and protocol for unvaccinated individuals, we encourage you to reach out and rely on our travel concierge team.  

When entering back into the United States, all air passengers, including U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents age two and over, and regardless of vaccination status are required to take a viral test (PCR/NAAT or antigen test for current infection) no more than 72 hours prior to their flight departure.

For travelers from the United States (list A) a vaccination pass or a “certificate” attesting that the person is fully vaccinated is required. For those who could not be vaccinated, they must have a negative PCR test at boarding not exceeding 48 hours. Children under the age of 11 are exempt.

Quarantine on arrival is not mandatory for tourists but they will need to present a negative PCR test on arrival taken no more than 96 hours prior to arrival. Infants aged less than one-year-old are exempted from the aforementioned testing requirement.  You must stay in an approved resort or hotel.  

Tourists (each person) must complete and sign a health control form (HCF). You can start the form at any time before your flight, but you can only answer health questions and finalize the form 48 hours before your arrival in Spain.

Once you have completed it, you will receive a QR code, which is to be presented upon arriving in Spain.

Vaccinated tourists may enter with their vaccine “certificate” showing you have received the vaccine at least 14 days and less than one year before your flight.  (According to the US State Department’s website, Spain is accepting the white CDC card as verification of vaccination.)

Children younger than age 6 are not subject to these requirements, but those ages 6 to 18 who do not have proof of having recovered from the virus in the previous 11-90 days will need a negative PCR or similar test (NAAT-type test) taken in the 48 hours before travel. 

These protocols and regulations are ever changing and impact how you and your family travel. We encourage you to rely on our travel concierge team at any time for any questions and advice.



You and your family will never wait more than 15 minutes to see a medical professional, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We will already have your medical history on file, and we’ll know exactly who you are when you walk in the door.

Quality of Care

We ensure the best possible medical experience, avoiding long ER wait times without compromising on quality. Our members have access to an excellent staff and hand-picked network of the city’s best specialists, and our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the most advanced imaging technology in the world, including MRI, CAT and X-ray scans.


We will work closely with your existing physician to understand your health needs from the moment you sign up, and your doctor will be informed and involved when urgent situations arise.


Membership is limited and by referral only to ensure that every patient gets the quality of care they deserve in a quiet, comfortable environment.

Dr. Bernard Kruger, MD - Founder

Board Certified in Oncology and Internal Medicine, Dr. Kruger has been serving the needs of his patients for over thirty years from his office on the Upper East Side. As one of the pioneers of concierge medicine, Dr. Kruger is tireless in his attention to the needs of his individual patients.

Dr. Douglas Kaiden, MD - Medical Director

Board certified in emergency medicine, Dr. Kaiden has practiced since 1995 in the best ERs in New York, including Beth Israel, Mount Sinai, St. Vincent’s & NY Presbyterian / Cornell.  He has run a network of urgent care centers in the city and was Supervising Medical Physician for the US Open.  Dr. Kaiden studied at Cornell and Albert Einstein, with a residency at St. Luke’s / Roosevelt.

What We Treat: Above the Shoulders

• Allergies
• Dental pain, infection or injury
• Ear infections
• Epistaxis (nosebleeds)
• Eye infections and eye injuries
• Foreign bodies
• Headaches and migraines
• Neck pain
• Mild concussions or sports related injuries • Mononucleosis (mono)
• Rashes
• Sinus infections
• Sore throat
• Tooth pain

What We Treat: In the Belly

• Abdominal pain
• Acid reflux
• Bladder infection • Constipation
• Diarrhea
• Food poisoning
• Heartburn
• Kidney stones
• Stomach flu
• Vomiting

What We Treat: In the Chest Area

• Asthma
• Bronchitis
• Chest injuries • Colds
• Pneumonia

What We Treat: The Body in General

• Bites and stings
• Broken bones
• Burns
• Cuts, scrapes and bruises
• Dehydration
• Flu
• Female complaints
• Hemorrhoids,
• Muscle tears, aches or cramps
• Rashes and skin allergies
• Sexual concerns
• Skin infections (MRSA)
• Skin punctures or laceration
• Sprains, strains and dislocations
• Sunburn
• Urinary issues