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Concierge medicine

Your Best Line of Defense Against
Covid, RSV & the Flu

Access 24/7 medical care, including cutting-edge care for Covid-19 treatment, RSV care,  and on-demand Influenza testing.

According to CDC data, the new subvariant EG.5 or Eris has become the most prevalent variant across New York, California, and South Florida as positivity rates continue to rise.

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Members-Only Medical Concierge Services.

Sollis Health is a 24/7 private ER, and concierge doctor rolled into one. Whether you need, diagnosis, treatment or vaccinations Sollis members have access to our world-class emergency centers and house call services.

Have questions about the impact of RSV, Covid-19 and Influenza?

Reinfection is possible, even with immunity from vaccines or previous infections. Consult with a Sollis provider or your Primary Care Physician to stay up to date on your Covid-19 boosters 

The symptoms of Covid-19, the flu, and RSV are often similar (sore throat, cough, congestion, fever, aches, and pains). Early and immediate testing is crucial to determine your best treatment protocol.   

Immunity to the flu wanes over time and the vaccine’s efficacy decreases after six months. Since we have had a mild flu season the past two years and no exposure to amp up immunity within our communities, influenza will be hitting harder. 

Covid-19 is still with us, and having or recently having Covid-19 leads to inflammation of the lungs which increases susceptibility to the flu.  

The CDC recommends most people 6 months and older receive an updated Covid-19 vaccine dose, as long as it’s been at least (2) months since the last Covid-19 vaccine.  

The CDC recommends that the RSV vaccine is provided only to adults 60 years and older, based on shared decision making between the patient and provider.  The vaccine may also be administered to those pregnant between 32 and 36 weeks with consultation from their obstetrician. Sollis cannot make any exceptions to the eligibility criteria.  

For children between the ages of 6 months and eight years old who have never had a Flu vaccine or have had only one dose in the past, the Flu shot is a two-dose vaccine series. The two doses will be separated by at least four weeks.

Patients have the option to receive treatment through an IV or via injections. IV treatment takes one hour with another hour to monitor vitals. Injection therapy includes (4) different injections in each extremity and the subsequent hour to monitor vitals.

Have more questions?

Covid-19 Treatment & Care

Members have access to premier Covid-19 testing and treatments. We offer standard rapid & PCR testing or for faster turnaround times, members have access to the BioFire respriatory panel or the Accula or Visby Rapid PCR-RT tests for an additional fee.  

Our doctors can conduct an in-person or virtual evaluation to help confirm the diagnosis and provide symptomatic therapy, and anti-viral therapy when appropriate.  

Covid-19 and Influenza Services

Members have access to unlimited testing at one of our centers, our pop-ups, or via house call service. Our PCR tests provide answers within 24 hours and our rapid tests deliver results in 15-30 minutes

Members have access to Pfizer or Moderna vaccines and, for certain immunocompromised individuals, boosters of the vaccine.

sollis doctor resting hand on the shoulder of a patient

In the event of a positive diagnosis, our at-home management system includes access to imaging (chest X-Ray), vital sign monitoring, daily telemedicine check-ins, and oxygen support.

sollis employee being welcomed into home by patient for a house call

For members who are suffering long-term effects after a Covid-19 diagnosis, Sollis has access to a team of top specialists dedicated to providing recovery plans for ongoing health problems and long-haul symptoms post-Covid.

health professional using a tablet to show patient an xray of their lungs

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In order to ensure the highest standard of care,
we maintain a limited number of memberships.


Over 45 — $6,000
Under 45 — $3,500
18 & Under — $1,500

*Ask about tiered family pricing.


Sollis Member

During Christmas my entire family had Covid, including my mother who is 92. Your team came to the house and treated us all – I really can’t thank you enough. Sollis has truly been a godsend to all of us.”

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