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The Sollis Guide to Your Healthiest Summer

Summer Safety Tips: Prevent Accidents &
ER Visits

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From Sunburn to Mystery Rashes: Summer Tips for Optimal Skin Health

Sollis Health’s expert medical team is always here for sunburn treatment, but when your summer skin concerns have you stumped, we keep you out of the ER with the support you need anytime, anywhere.

Instead of Googling, “when to worry about a rash in adults,” connect with the 24/7 team who offers support for everything from warm weatheractivated skin conditions, to poison ivy treatment, to the summer skincare tips from a doctor you won’t get from your PCP.

Understanding the Risks: Ticks, Lyme Disease, & Beyond

Do you know when to worry about a tick bite? With 20-30% of Northeastern and Midwestern blacklegged ticks carrying the bacteria that causes Lyme disease, knowing what to do when you have a tick is critical for your long-term health. Bypass urgent and emergency care for Sollis’ concierge support for all insect bites and stings.

Your personal medical team helps you know when to seek treatment for tick bite, provides bee sting treatment, and treats allergic reactions to bites and stings—so you can stay out of the ER this summer and all year-round. 

Summer Safety: Avoid Accidents & Play Safe in the Outdoors & on the Water

When you know the basics of firework safety, outdoor safety, and water safety, you can keep the party going without needing to Google: “emergency care near me.” And when you have a Sollis membership, you can seek personalized, same-day urgent care from a concierge ER doctor that supports every summer emergency from first call to aftercare. 

About Sollis Health

An Emergency Care Partner that Actually Plans Ahead

With onsite imaging and an in-house lab, Sollis can diagnose and treat 95% of what a traditional ER sees — but you’ll never feel like you’re in a hospital.

Onsite Advanced Imaging

Our flagship locations are equipped with state-of-the-art MRI and CT scans, expediting answers and a path to treatment.

In-House Lab & Diagnostics

We can rapidly test and provide immediate results for a range of medical concerns, from respiratory illnesses to GI concerns, the common cold, STIs, and more.

Less Hospital, More Hospitality

Top-tier amenities, a serene environment, and a team focused only on you — these are the cornerstones of our experience.

Become a member today to receive 24/7 urgent and emergency care.



Over 45 — $6,000
Under 45 — $3,500
Under 18 — $1,500

*Ask about tiered family pricing.

What Our Members Say

“I signed up my entire family for Sollis care and it has been a lifesaver! Whether it is the middle of the night phone calls needing medical advice regarding my children, or assessing and managing my father in law's debilitating back pain with an immediate MRI, the staff was welcoming, thorough, and efficient.”
— Eric, M
“The Sollis model puts the humanity back in healthcare. Every nurse, every PA, every MD, and every member of the admin staff that I have interacted with at Sollis has always given it their all to resolve my every need, all with a dash of kindness, healthy respect, and empathy. '”
— Avery, V
"I was then taken for a CT scan within a half hour of my arrival to confirm it was a kidney stone. The doctor referred me to a renowned urologist who I spoke to within 30 minutes (on a Saturday afternoon) and was scheduled for an appointment on that following Monday.”
— Bert, G

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