An Extension of Your Practice – For Any Emergency

Meet your new partner in emergency care: we offer your patients unlimited access to our concierge urgent care centers and services – 24/7, 365 days a year. Because when your patients have an issue and you’re not available, it will be an emergency for us.

Our Medical Partnerships

How We Work With You

As An Elevated Emergency Solution

Sollis extends the high standards of your practice into emergency settings, ensuring your patients get the best care in all scenarios.

With Shared Decision-Making

We keep you at the center of your patient’s care with on-site access or continuous feedback during their visit, allowing you to maintain control throughout the encounter.

Offering Around-the-Clock Care

Accidents and injuries don’t wait for office hours. We offer a better alternative so that you can always remain at the center of your patients’ care, whether in the middle of the night, during the holidays, or even on a regular weekday.

With VIP Specialist Coordination

When your patients travel, either domestically or abroad, we can support you in locating top-vetted specialists for their care navigation needs.

We’ve got you covered.

What members say about Sollis

I signed up my entire family for Sollis care and it has been a lifesaver! Whether it is the middle of the night phone calls needing medical advice, or assessing and managing my husbands debilitating back pain with an immediate MRI, the staff was welcoming, thorough, and efficient.

What members say about Sollis

The Sollis model puts the humanity back in healthcare. Every nurse, every PA, every MD, and every member of the admin staff that I have interacted with at Sollis has always given it their all to resolve my every need.

What members say about Sollis

I was then taken for a CT scan within a half hour of my arrival to confirm it was a kidney stone. The doctor referred me to a renowned urologist who I spoke to within 30 minutes (on a Saturday afternoon) and was scheduled for an appointment on that following Monday!

What members say about Sollis

Everyone involved in the care of my sick five-year-old was incredible. The doctor’s warm bedside manner, combined with her patience answering all his questions, was beyond impressive. I’m so grateful for the Sollis team.

What members say about Sollis

This is exactly what healthcare should be. The doctors were amazing and gave me some of the best treatment I have had in a very long time... I really felt like I was their only patient.

What members say about Sollis

My providers provided exceptional care today. I came today in pretty rough shape and am leaving feeling so much better. Warm and comforting bedside manner. This is why I love Sollis!

Donna P., 71

Nick C., 58

Chandler U., 41

Tara D., 39

Marcus S., 47

Jacqueline T., 62

Benefits to Your Patients

We treat everything from everyday urgencies to acute emergencies, so when you’re 
unable to respond – we’ll be there.



Urgent Care

Urgent and Emergency Care

CLIA-Moderate Complexity Lab

Basic Imaging (X-ray, EKG)

24/7 Facilities

Physician-Led Care

Expert Physicians (with Decades of Experience)

Advanced Imaging (MRI, CT, Ultrasound)

Little to no wait

24/7 Facilities & Telemedicine

Patient Advocacy & Care Navigation

VIP Amenities at Leading Hospitals

Founded by MDs to Support MDs

“Sollis was founded to provide an emergency and urgent care experience that goes above and beyond, by design.”

Dr. Scott Braunstein

National Medical Director

Meet your
medical team in

Dr. Carolyn McClain

Medical Director

Dr. Narissa Joyner

Assistant Medical Director, At-Home

Dr. Jennifer Jackson

Assistant Medical Director

Dr. James Fishkin

Florida Medical Director

Dr. Andrei Popescu

Associate Medical Director

Dr. Chuck Yu

Asstistant Medical Director


Please contact us to learn more about our medical partnerships, the services we provide, or our unique network of specialists.

Medical Partners FAQs

What is included in a Sollis Membership?

Membership includes access to all medical centers in New York, The Hamptons, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and South Florida. We offer unlimited in-clinic and virtual visits with best-in-class ER-trained providers available 24/7, routine blood work, strep and flu tests, flu and Covid-19 vaccines, patient advocacy, care navigation, travel medicine, VIP services at leading hospitals, and accelerated access to specialists.

Members use Sollis for everyday, urgent, and emergency medical needs.

  • Same-day appointments
  • 24/7 access to on-demand medical care via state-of-the-art medical centers or phone
  • Everyday medical concerns (sore throat, stomachache, cough, cold, UTI, rash, backache, infusions, medication administration and more)
  • Urgent medical concerns (broken bones, stitches, kidney stones, cardiac)
  • In-house lab work (blood, urine, cultures) and testing to streamline treatment
  • Securing expedited specialist appointments with top doctors
  • Baseline health assessments
  • Travel medicine

Sollis can handle about 95% of what an ER treats allowing our members to skip the ER or stop by for a basic medical need, saving them time, money and offering peace of mind. Here is the full list of what we treat.

Unlike a traditional ER, the Sollis experience is pleasant, serene, and elevated by design — with is little to no wait and full transparency around cost. We serve as a complement to your PCP or pediatrician and provide a high standard of care in urgent and emergency situations.

Sollis Health Flagship facilities feature 24/7 on-site advanced diagnostic imaging as well as concierge services like care navigation and patient advocacy. Our providers are available via around-the-clock telemedicine and offer house calls if you are unable to leave your home. Our network of 500+ world- class specialists is on speed dial for anything you may need. If you are hospitalized, Sollis can advocate on your behalf and serve as the liaison between the hospital, doctors, and your family, communicating your needs every step of the way.

Sollis provides a host of white-glove services for our members, with transparent pricing from the outset. For an additional cost, you can access advanced imaging (MRI/CT/X-Ray/Ultrasound), house calls, advanced medical procedures, vitamin infusions, advanced diagnostic testing, EKGs, and any vaccinations not included in membership.

House Calls

Our center-level care comes directly to you with our House Calls service — we can perform everything from urgent to emergency care in the comfort of your home. Our at-home services include bloodwork, IV infusions, stitches, Covid-19 testing & care as well as in-home imaging including X-rays and ultrasounds.

Advanced Diagnostic Testing

Due to our comprehensive in-house lab, we have more advanced testing to provide our members with faster answers. This includes cardiac panels, respiratory panels, GI panels, and more.

Advanced Imaging

Our centers are equipped with MRI, CT scan, X-Ray, EKG, and mobile Ultrasound. Available to members to streamline care and get an expedited diagnosis, all under one roof.

Sollis is an out-of-network provider. However, there are exceptions, including advanced imaging (during normal work hours), advanced blood work, and Covid-19 testing. If you have out-of-network benefits, Sollis will submit a claim on your behalf. We keep all insurance information on file for our members to pass along to the appropriate partner.