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All About Women’s Health

It’s time to talk about women’s health.

At Sollis, we believe that supporting women’s health supports the health of everyone around them. Healthy women make healthy communities, and healthy moms make healthy families. Unfortunately, women generally – and moms specifically – spend so much of their lives taking care of others that they often neglect themselves. In this month of Mother’s Day (and every month!), we at Sollis want to help women and mothers take care of themselves early – to prevent acute or emergency conditions.

During the month of May, save $1,000* when you join with a family membership
(includes 3 or more members).

Support for Every Symptom.
At Every Stage.

Did you know that women are 50% more likely to be misdiagnosed with a medical condition compared to men? In a world where endometriosis is mislabeled as “normal period pain,” heart disease chalked up to anxiety, and autoimmune disorders linked to depression, we think—we know—there’s a better way.

At Sollis, we investigate every symptom, and if you say something doesn’t feel right, we won’t stop until we get answers.  That means utilizing our on-site imaging (think: X-rays and ultrasounds), rapid lab tests, working with our on-site team experienced in pediatric to geriatric care, and connecting you directly with our extensive network of specialists if needed. Not yet a member? Speak with our team to get started.

What We Treat

Your emergencies are ours. From adolescence to menopause,  pediatric to geriatric care, here are some of the top women’s health concerns we treat at Sollis.

Ladies, stay ahead of your health.

According to research, women put themselves at the end of their healthcare list—prioritizing their kids, pets, elder family members, and partners—with some not getting around to it all. In fact, 78% said they often put off taking care of themselves because they are so busy taking care of everyone else.

With Sollis, you can feel confident knowing that you, your children, parents, and partner are in the best possible hands. Our team is equipped—and trained—to provide pediatric care through geriatric care, and with on-site imaging and rapid testing, and our memberships are designed to support your entire family (or just you, whatever you prefer). 

Join Sollis today to gain access to a better kind of care. And for a limited time only, save $1,000* when you join with a family membership (includes 3 or more members).

Sign Up for the Sollis Family Membership

For the month of May only, fill out this form to reach a concierge membership director to sign your family of three or more up, and receive $1,000 off your first annual membership year.

*Offer valid only until 5/31/2024 11:59pm. All new members who join with a family of 3 or more members will receive $1,000 off this year’s annual membership fee.

During the month of May, save $1,000* when you join with a family membership
(includes 3 or more members).

What Our Members Say

“I signed up my entire family for Sollis care and it has been a lifesaver! Whether it is the middle of the night phone calls needing medical advice regarding my children, or assessing and managing my father in law's debilitating back pain with an immediate MRI, the staff was welcoming, thorough, and efficient.”
— Eric, M
“The Sollis model puts the humanity back in healthcare. Every nurse, every PA, every MD, and every member of the admin staff that I have interacted with at Sollis has always given it their all to resolve my every need, all with a dash of kindness, healthy respect, and empathy. '”
— Avery, V
"I was then taken for a CT scan within a half hour of my arrival to confirm it was a kidney stone. The doctor referred me to a renowned urologist who I spoke to within 30 minutes (on a Saturday afternoon) and was scheduled for an appointment on that following Monday.”
— Bert, G

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