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Daphne Javitch

For many women, an endometriosis diagnosis can feel like bad news. For Daphne Javitch, it was an opportunity to rethink everything from her lifestyle to her life purpose. She ended up trading in her career in fashion for wellness and became a health coach and integrative nutritionist who has helped hundreds of clients with their own chronic conditions.
by Sollis Health

How did you discover you had stage 4 endometriosis?

I’d had debilitatingly painful periods since I was 13, but when I was 34 I was rushed to the ER because an ovarian cyst burst and several more were discovered. After some more detailed imagining I was told it was most likely endometriosis (which cannot be definitively diagnosed without a Laparoscopy, it later was).

What did your doctors recommend for treatment, and what made you decide to forego the allopathic route for a more holistic one instead?

I was told to have immediate surgery and get on birth control. I had just started working with a nutrition coach and I decided to take my time and make some personal adjustments first.

Tell us more about that. What type of changes did you make to help heal your body and ultimately send your endometriosis into remission?

I dramatically reduced packaged, processed foods and replaced them with an abundance of whole, natural, and single-ingredient foods (with an emphasis on leaves and vegetables). I paid attention to hydration. I began juicing and practicing food combining and “order of eating.” I introduced cellular health tools like the dry skin brush, infrared sauna, and Gravity Woods Method colonics. I began to look at sleep, stress, and purpose differently. Within six months, I went from taking 12 Advil on the worst day of my period to one per cycle. And within a year I quit smoking with ease after 15 of years of loving it! And perhaps most importantly, I was consistent. I healed through repetition.

Were there times you didn’t feel seen and heard by the medical community?

It’s discouraging that most medical doctors show little to no interest in how I dramatically improved my lifelong endometriosis symptoms.

What do you think is the biggest misconception about endo, and is there anything you wish you could help people understand better?

To start, if you’re experiencing period pain that interferes with daily life, please get checked out by a doctor. Be assertive without being afraid. Ask for imaging (ultrasound or sonogram) even if they’re dismissive. Many women go decades before realizing the pain they endure around or during their periods is not “normal.” The second thing is that medical professionals will tell you there is no cure and that it will come back. Being in remission is living disease-free which is pretty close to a cure! Diet and lifestyle shifts can help improve life for people experiencing endometriosis.

How did the experience inspire you to pivot from fashion into wellness?

As a woman in fashion I spent most of my life harshly criticizing my body and approaching “health” from a looks perspective. After my health crisis and beginning my healing journey, something shifted. I became aware of my organs, my immune system, and my cells. I began to understand, trust and revere my true body. Soon it became obvious that my passion had shifted and my profession would follow.

Walk us through what you do as an integrative nutritionist and health coach.

I work with private and group clients for a month or longer to address their health and wellbeing. People come to me to work on things like weight management, energy levels, health conditions, anxiety/depression, stress management, information overload, and finding peace with food. Together we establish a custom nutrition and lifestyle plan that also covers mindset practices to support cellular health and help sustain routines. I’m in close contact with my private clients and provide resources and references throughout. I’m a guide and a partner in cultivating awareness, accountability, and improvement.

Making life changes to be healthier can be daunting sometimes, so what are just a couple simple things people can do each day to improve their physical and mental health?

Three simple practices that have a big impact on our health are: 

  1. Increase leafy greens and veggies. These are phytonutrient rich healing foods that strengthen our immune system while restoring our gut.
  2. Drink more water. Water is a game changer! It relieves constipation, increases energy, reduces sugar cravings / hunger between meals, and makes us glow!
  3. 3. Aim for seven hours of sleep a night and try to go to sleep and wake up around the same time daily. Sleep is a healing, cleansing window. It’s when our brain takes out the trash, our organs detox, and many of our hormones regulate. You can do all the fancy cleanses out there but if you’re not sleeping consistently, you’re missing out on the most luxurious one of all!

How has Sollis been able to help on your medical journey?

My Sollis Upper East Side experience was calm, thoughtful, and efficient. Everyone from the doctors to the front desk staff made me feel comfortable and safe.

What have you learned about yourself by helping hundreds of clients with chronic conditions?

Working with people in such a personal way is the greatest privilege. My clients are my ongoing teachers and my accountability partners. I used to be ashamed that I wasn’t completely healed of endo (even once I was asymptomatic I struggled to become pregnant naturally and did an IVF cycle) or that I continue to face health challenges like Hashimoto’s or most recently severe back pain. But working with so many people taught me that these are opportunities to relate, to learn, and become a better coach. I think my clients appreciate that I’m walking the walk with them.

Any good words to live by?

Consistency heals.

The views and opinions expressed in this campaign are those of the participants, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Sollis Health.
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