Meet Your 24/7
Medical Concierge

From emergency to no urgency, your first call for any medical need. Anytime, anywhere.

Where Medicine Meets Hospitality

Sollis is a first-class, members-only medical concierge delivering premier, on-demand treatment in a serene and private environment, with expediency and efficiency. Your first call for any medical need. Anytime, anywhere.

Available 24/7, with zero wait time, our service is designed to handle emergencies, medical evaluations and everything in between. Our deep clinical knowledge, on-site imaging and lab capabilities enable us to expedite your diagnosis and care.

Making Medical Care Seamless

If we can’t treat you at our centers, we seamlessly connect the dots of your care by providing incomparable access to our network of top medical providers and specialists, bypassing waitlists and lengthy referral processes. Because medical care shouldn’t be an opaque, meandering path you have to navigate alone.

With Sollis, you have a true medical concierge. We are here to help carry the burden of being injured or sick so you can focus on getting better and back to your life as soon as possible. From our perspective, when it comes to your health, every need should be treated with urgency and immediacy.

Sollis At Home

The Sollis membership extends well beyond our physical centers. In fact, it comes directly to you. We offer house calls any day of the week during which our team can perform everything from stitches, IV infusions and Covid testing to X-rays and ultrasounds—right in the comfort of your own home. We also offer telemedicine providing direct access to our team of expert physicians 24/7.

Covid-19 Testing & Care

Members have access to unlimited PCR & antibody testing, with turnaround times within 24-48 hours. In the event there is a positive diagnosis, members have access to our comprehensive Covid-19 at-home care management system that includes daily telemedicine check-ins, remote monitoring of oxygen levels, oxygen concentrators, medication support, at-home imaging, and patient advocacy when hospitalization is required.

What We Can Treat

Cut your hand making dinner? We can stitch it up. Hurt your ankle and need an x-Ray? We’ll do it at your home. Need a leading specialist? We have them on speed dial. Want a prescription before a flight? We’ll call it in immediately. Need an MRI or CT scan? We have advanced imaging available 24/7 at our centers. Sollis – meet your new emergency contact.

Here is everything we can treat. The doctors you want at the hours you need.

Membership Inquiries

If you’re interested in membership, please fill out the form below or call our Membership Team at (646) 585-6870. We will respond within 24 hours.

For urgent issues, please call our 24/7 medical hotline: (646) 687-7600

Why Sollis?

Hear directly from our members about how Sollis has changed their lives. From 24/7, no-wait medical centers to an exclusive network of specialists and patient advocacy.

A comprehensive set of services delivering streamlined care.

Designed to handle emergencies, everyday care and everything in between.

Our Centers

The usual wait time in an ER is 5 hours. At Sollis, it’s minutes. Experience the pinnacle of care with ultimate convenience.

Sollis is a members’ only private medical concierge with 24/7 facilities and services designed to handle emergencies, check-up’s, advanced imaging and everything in between. No appointments. No wait.

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