What is Sollis Health?

Sollis Health is the only service of its kind in New York where members receive the highest quality care, day or night in a completely private environment – with absolutely no wait time. Whether you have a medical emergency or a simple complaint, we believe that you should always receive the care you deserve – care that is smart and human.

What is included in membership?

Our members receive the following benefits and privileges, including:
– 24/7 encounters with our physicians
– In-house routine lab tests
– Telemedicine
– Expedited access to leading specialists
– VIP services at leading hospitals

Premium health services
– House calls (NYC & Hamptons)
– IV infusions & vitamin injections
– Pain management
– Vaccinations

What is an example of why Sollis Health’s medical care is better?

A patient breaks their shoulder walking home from dinner. Normally, they’d be forced to spend hours at an over-crowded ER just to be stabilized, only to have an orthopedic appointment set days or weeks in the future… However, with Sollis Health, patients bypass the red tape, getting the care they deserve as quickly and efficiently as possible. Sollis Health’s doctors not only stabilize the patient and manage pain, but can provide all of the diagnostic imaging and lab work required for specialist follow-up, with immediate pre-op clearance and expedited surgery scheduling with a hospital if necessary.

How do I make an appointment?

There is no need to make an appointment. Simply call us before you come in so we can provide quick advice and prepare for your arrival as necessary. A doctor will see you within minutes of your arrival.

If you have a medical issue while traveling outside New York City, you can contact us by phone or video to receive medical care remotely.

In what ways do Sollis Health work with hospitals and specialists?

Sollis Health is able to provide same or next day appointments with physicians who normally have excessive waitlists. In some cases, we bring specialists into our facility to provide patients with immediate care. At most NY hospitals, Sollis Health can help members access VIP services, including private rooms and direct admissions, often avoiding the ER.

The hospitals we work with include: Hospital for Special Surgery, Mount Sinai Hospitals, New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center, New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center and Northwell / Lenox Hill.

Our network of specialists includes over 400 leading physicians in New York who either work at leading hospitals or are in private practice, in all major specialities and sub-specialities.

Can I use Sollis Health during a life-threatening emergency?

Our members are advised that Sollis Health can handle all medical issues, short of life-threatening emergencies. In those situations, members should call 911 directly. They can then call us so our team can advocate on the patient’s behalf during the ER visit.

How can I use Sollis Health if I am traveling?

Sollis Health physicians can provide telemedicine 24/7 regardless of your location. For any more acute issues, we contact our global network of physicians to best support your medical needs in whatever your location.

What if I am in the Hamptons?

Beyond telemedicine, we also staff ER physicians in the Hamptons all summer long to provide house calls. We utilize a private ambulance, portable X-ray and point-of-care labs to provide as much care in the home as possible. We also have specialist partners who may be able to assist on Long Island, as well as helicopter partners to enable travel back to the city for emergencies.

How does Sollis Health work with Primary Care Providers (PCPs)?

Sollis Health works together with your physician to make sure we understand your health needs from their perspective. After a visit, we will provide your PCP with the records so they can be incorporated into your PCP’s office records and your overall health plan. Your records will also appear online in your encrypted Sollis Health patient portal account. We always keep your doctor intimately involved in any required further treatment or specialist recommendations.

How does Sollis Health work with insurance?

Sollis Health is an out-of-network healthcare provider and is a not a replacement for a patient’s insurance. Fees are payable to Sollis Health upon the conclusion of a visit, following which we file on the patient’s behalf for out-of-network reimbursement from the insurance provider. Any treatment by our network of non-staff specialists is billed separately by those providers, who may or may not be in-network.

Does Sollis Health work with Medicare?

We have opted out of Medicare, and our patients may not submit claims for Sollis Health to Medicare. When subscribed to Medicare, a medical provider or practice is beholden to a number of regulatory requirements that are not necessarily in the best interest of patient care at our level of practicing medicine. Medicare also has mandatory pricing requirements, which make some of the care we provide (such as 24/7 imaging) impossible to provide.

Do Sollis Health’s medical partners take insurance?

When a member requires care beyond Sollis Health at one of our specialist partners or hospitals, the provider may or may not accept insurance. At the member’s request, Sollis Health can refer to a specialist or facility that accepts commercial insurance or Medicare.