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A higher standard for your “urgent” care

We’re redefining what an emergency experience should be.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To elevate and transform the healthcare experience for our members, providers, and community.

“Sollis Health was founded to provide a care experience that goes above and beyond, by design.”

Dr. Scott Braunstein

National Medical Director

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medical team in

Dr. Carolyn McClain

Medical Director

Dr. Narissa Joyner

Assistant Medical Director, At-Home

Dr. Jennifer Jackson

Assistant Medical Director

Dr. James Fishkin

Florida Medical Director

Dr. Andrei Popescu

Associate Medical Director

Dr. Chuck Yu

Asstistant Medical Director

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17,000+ members trust us to be there when it matters most.


Medical centers nationwide


Specialists in our network


ER trips prevented per year


ER-trained providers on call

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An emergency room of one’s own…
an ER that treats you like a VIP.

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Sollis Health offers its clients what the taxed healthcare system in the US fails to—immediacy and advocacy.

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At Sollis Health, patients spend as little or as long with their doctors as they want… and get most of the same type of emergency care they'd receive at a hospital in a fraction of the time…they know they're going somewhere that's quiet, private, easy, fast.

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If the place looks like a boutique hotel, that’s intentional.

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Sollis has meant being able to get treatment with no waiting.

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Sollis Health membership grants access to private, fully equipped facilities, complete with emergency services and imaging equipment, as well as VIP status at several hospitals. For many, that alone is worth the annual membership.