ER-Level Emergency Care

Emergencies don't plan ahead. You can.

For sore throats or stitches, blood work or an MRI, at Sollis, we expedite your path to treatment with ER-trained physicians who’ve seen it all, and the nation’s leading specialists and hospitals on speed dial.

What We Treat for ER-Level Emergency Care

24/7 Emergency Issues

With unlimited visits and same-day virtual appointments, we are here to administer viral testing, vaccines, and quick diagnoses for everyday emergencies.

Expedited Specialist Access

In case you need a specialist, we determine who (of over 1,500 partners nationwide) is best suited to provide the diagnosis you need – and we secure an appointment quickly too.

On-Site Advanced Imaging

For potential broken bones or internal injuries, we don’t send you to the ER – we have advanced diagnostics in center to get you mended quickly.

Rapid Testing, Labwork and Vaccines

With ER-level lab capabilities in our centers, we get you same-day results to best diagnose your acute and “not cute” conditions

VIP Hospital Services

In the rare case that you require a hospital visit, we are on-call to connect with your hospital doctors and nurses and ensure you get the attention you need.

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What we treat
for Adult & 
Geriatric Care

Chronic Disease Management

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Medication Management

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Incontinence Management

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Pain Management

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Treatment of heartburn and acid reflux

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we treat

Diagnostics and Testing On Par With The ER

Membership includes access to state-of-the-art MRI, CT and advanced imaging equipment. Our screenings can detect cancers and evaluate for conditions such as strokes, dementia, multiple sclerosis, aneurysms, spinal disc herniation, orthopedic concerns and more CT scans may be performed to help diagnose tumors, investigate internal bleeding, or check for other internal injuries or damage. X-rays can reveal health conditions such as bone fractures and breaks, tumors, scoliosis, heart problems and lung issues. Ultrasounds are typically used to monitor pregnancy or can guide a provider during certain procedures.


CT Scans



Your Calm in a “Storm”

Hospital ERs are overrun, uncomfortable, and full of contagion, and you often get only a few minutes of a physician’s time before they have to move on to the next room. At Sollis, your comfort is our priority, our private rooms and amenities are designed to put your mind at ease, and our clinicians are on-hand to spend as much time as necessary with you until your issue is resolved.

Comfortable and private
patient rooms

Frette Robes

Plush chairs

Organic snacks

Quiet, serene environment

Attentive team
focused on you

Emergency Care FAQs

How is Sollis different from a traditional urgent care?

Sollis can treat 95% of what a traditional ER can, so while the standard urgent care can see you quickly, they often have to refer you to the ER anyway for imaging, diagnostics, and more advanced testing. Less than 1% of Sollis visits end with a trip to the ER.

ERs in in most cities require wait times of over 3.5. hours. They are overwhelmed, crowded, and full of contagion. At our centers, patients are seen within 3.5 minutes, and have as much time with our ER-train practitioners as they need, so we can focus on diagnosing the problem and identifying a treatment plan quickly and effectively.

It depends on your insurance eligibility and your out-of-network insurance plan. We will not submit any medical procedures at Sollis to your in-network insurance provider.

Sollis does not have an operating room, but we do have the imaging to identify issues that require surgery quickly. We partner with top hospitals so we can help arrange access to private floors, direct admissions, faster OR times and expedited appointments.

Sollis is an out-of-network provider. However, there are exceptions, including advanced imaging (during normal work hours), advanced blood work, and Covid-19 testing. If you have out-of-network benefits, Sollis will submit a claim on your behalf. We keep all insurance information on file for our members to pass along to the appropriate partner.

In specific markets, advanced imaging (MRI, CT Scan, Ultrasound) performed during the normal work week (Monday through Friday, 8AM to 4PM) with notice can be performed in-network with your insurance provider. If you need advanced imaging after normal business hours and on weekends, you may be responsible for paying an out-of-pocket fee. If you have out-of-network benefits, Sollis can submit your Billing Summary for possible reimbursement.


Because healthcare should cater to you.

Healthcare has become impersonal and impossible to navigate. We remove the hassle and cut the red tape so you can focus on what actually matters: getting better.

The greatest luxury in healthcare
today is peace of mind.