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Navigating the Shifting Travel Landscape: Travel Regulations and Resources

by Dara Mersky

The latest trend in urgent care centers is VIP treatment. With the Covid-19 pandemic, access to good healthcare has become an even more significant part of our daily lives. If you’ve been to a regular doctor’s office lately, you know that the traditional medical system is complicated. Maybe even broken. 

Preparing to travel, domestically or internationally, can be a cause of stress. From navigating the shifting travel landscape to understanding COVID-19 regulations, you want to be prepared and know your health is in good hands no matter what may arise while you’re away from home. From COVID-19 navigation and support to virtual access to expert care and even emergency service coordination in the event of extreme injury or illness, a medical travel concierge service can be your solution for convenient, reliable and thoughtful care while you are traveling.  


Addressing COVID-19 for Your Next Trip

Traveling during COVID-19 grew complicated as local and international travel regulations and restrictions took effect. In 2022, more people are vaccinated and looking to travel as these restrictions lift, but regulations continue to evolve and access to convenient testing and medical care at your destination remains a vital consideration for your travels.

Travel regulations are in constant flux, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is your source for general COVID-19 travel guidelines. When you begin planning your trip, review this information to travel with confidence.

There are a few best practices for traveling during COVID-19. Before you go:

  • Learn about your destination’s situation. COVID-19 is different around the world. Make sure you understand the situation that awaits you. While you’re learning about the status of COVID-19, you can also research other general health needs, like vaccination requirements. 
  • Research travel restrictions. Many restrictions have been lifted due to widespread vaccinations. However, limitations exist at state, local, tribal and territorial government levels. Knowing where you can go and what you need for travel will make your trip an enjoyable one.
  • Understand testing timelines and test types. Different tests deliver results at varying times. If testing is required, make sure you take the correct test for the guidelines. 
Global travel care

How Sollis Health Can Help

As COVID-19 restrictions lift worldwide, more people want to resume the travels they had to put on hold. Sollis Health can help you travel safely, giving you and your family peace of mind.

You can go through the CDC guidance yourself, or you can lean on Sollis to help research your destination’s regulations and ensure your testing is secured both pre-flight, if required, and at your destination before your return trip. Shifting regulations for COVID-19 might also require vaccination and/or proof of recovery records. Sollis Heath has the resources to prepare you for these needs and beyond.

A Sollis membership includes unlimited pre-and post-travel COVID-19 testing. We can also convert your CDC vaccination records to an EU digital passport in 48 hours or less, and streamline “Fit to Fly” certifications and any other necessary documentation you’ll need to travel. Whether you’re heading to the Maldives or Portugal, we’ll prepare you for your trip.

Sollis Health’s services extend far beyond the landscape of traveling during Covid-19, Sollis can support all of your medical needs, wherever you travel. You’ll have access to our services anytime, anywhere. Its concierge medical care includes access to 24/7 virtual visits with their ER-trained physicians, on-demand access to its curated network of specialists, prescription refills, local care coordination, and even medevac. 

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help facilitate successful, stress-free travel. 

Travel Navigation and Remote Care Access 

When traveling, it’s essential to have access to care. After all, you never know what can happen. Whether you develop symptoms of illness, become injured or just need a health professional’s opinion, the right care arrangements can provide the support you need.

Sollis Health offers remote access to care, local care coordination and member advocacy to address your health needs as you travel. Get to know our concierge medical services and why you can rely on our elevated, thoughtful approach to care.

On-Demand Virtual Visits, 24/7

We’ve all been tempted to self-diagnose, but that doesn’t take the place of real-time expert medical advice. Sollis offers virtual visits to answer your health questions the minute they arise. Every concern is welcome, no matter how big or small.

Beyond virtual consultations, we can suggest follow-up treatment. This advice might include prescription medication or a visit with a local doctor for in-person care. 

Global Travel Care Coordination

Navigating care while traveling abroad comes with varying medical systems and unfamiliar locations. Sollis can locate trusted doctors, set up appointments and handle translation needs if needed to ensure you receive the best possible treatment — anytime, anywhere.

Medevac for Illnesses and Injuries

Sometimes you may become injured while traveling. You may fall while hiking a scenic jungle trail or get ill while on a safari. You may even have an accident during a ski trip. During these times, you need trusted emergency evacuation.

Sollis can arrange for a medical evacuation to provide you with timely and quality care. We’ll coordinate your care when you arrive at the hospital and schedule follow-ups if needed.

Navigating a major injury away from home doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Sollis connects you with immediate, first-class care when you least expect it, but need it most.

Prescriptions When Traveling

Medications can run out unexpectedly when you’re traveling, especially if COVID-19 regulations require quarantining past your expected travel dates. 

Prescriptions are a must for your health, but scheduling with a local facility for your refill will lead to long wait times. You may even receive a lower quality of care while doctors attend to their busy schedules.

At Sollis, you’re a priority, not an afterthought. We provide premium services for prescription needs. We’ll arrange for your prescriptions to be filled and available for pickup at your location, so you don’t have to cut your trip short.

Sollis provides care coordination and member advocacy for prescription needs wherever you are. That means we’ll navigate language barriers, administrative hurdles and care requirements, so you receive the treatment you deserve.

Where Medicine Meets Hospitality

membership with Sollis Health comes with the peace of mind you need during your travels, and beyond. Explore new places, make memories and count on Sollis for any medical need that may arise.

Get in touch with us today for a premium medical concierge membership.

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Sollis Health is a 24/7 doctor, private ER and concierge service rolled into one. Whether it’s an emergency or simply to diagnose the symptoms that you typically Google in the middle of the night, our emergency-trained doctors are ready for anything. Interested in becoming a Sollis member?


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