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Schedule a Covid-19 test with Sollis Health using PCR technology with results in 24 hours. Sollis operates 24/7 concierge medical facilities in New York and Los Angeles, with an additional outpost in Miami

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What is Sollis Health?

Sollis Health is a members-only 24/7 medical concierge service with locations in New York, Los Angeles and the Hamptons, plus Covid-19 testing locations in Miami. Sollis facilities are staffed with expert ER physicians and equipped with comprehensive, on-site labs and advanced diagnostic imaging capabilities (MRI, CT, Ultrasound and X-ray). Sollis offers house-call services in the New York City, the New York Metropolitan Area, the Hamptons and Los Angeles in addition to global telemedicine, care-navigation, specialist access and patient advocacy. Whether an emergency, a simple complaint, or anything in between, you can have the peace of mind that Sollis is there for you, day or night. Learn more  here .

Do you accept insurance?

No, but we will provide a receipt for service, so you can submit a claim directly to your insurance company for reimbursement

What types of Covid tests do you offer? How will they be administered?

We perform RT-PCR Covid tests and utilize Nasopharyngeal (NP) swabs. NP swabs are the standard nasal swab that has been deemed the most effective

How will my results be returned?

You will receive your results within 24 hours. Your results will be delivered to you by email.

If I test negative for Covid-19, does that definitely mean I don’t have it?

Testing negative does not completely exclude the possibility of being infected because it may take 2 to 14 days for Covid-19 to present after exposure. The primary reason for a false-negative result is testing too early after exposure. If negative, you should continue to practice social distancing and monitor your symptoms

If I test positive for Covid-19, what should I do?

You should remain isolated and contact your doctor. Isolation is prescribed for 10 days form the onset of your symptoms or your initial positive test result. At that point, if you still have symptoms, wait 3 days after your fever and cough have stopped. While isolated, wear a surgical mask as much as possible. Masks can help prevent the spread of virus-containing mucus droplets from your cough to the air or nearby surfaces and objects. If you have to leave your room, remain 6 feet from other people in your home.