A care experience that goes above and beyond, by design

The Sollis care navigation team can support you at every step of your treatment process. 

We work with your doctors to ensure continuity of care and handle the administrative hassle.

The Care Journey

Appointment Setup & Follow Up

We handle all administrative tasks including identifying the best specialists, facilitating expedited appointments, paperwork and insurance.

Private Transfer

For emergencies, we’ll arrange private transfer via ambulance or helicopter back to our Sollis flagship centers or facilitate direct admission to the top area hospitals, if required.

Continuous & At-home Care

Our Care Coordination team manages communication and treatment with your doctor to ensure continuity of care.

VIP Hospital Services

Should you require hospitalization, we'll work to ensure seamless admission. We can help arrange access to private floors, direct admissions, faster OR times and expedited appointments.

Membership Plans

In order to ensure the highest standard of care,
we maintain a limited number of memberships.

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medical care.

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As convenient as having a doctor in your family.


Over 45 — $6,000
Under 45 — $3,500
18 & Under — $1,500

*Ask about tiered family pricing.

Interested in Sollis Membership?

Our service reflects a concierge experience —personalized, discreet and empathetic.

Frequently Asked

We don’t replace your existing Primary Care Physician or Concierge GP. We work closely with them and keep them in the loop the entire time, ensuring that your care is comprehensive and coordinated. Every time you come into Sollis, we follow up with your PCP to provide an entire overview of your visit with our recommended next steps.

Unlike urgent care clinics, Sollis’ facilities feature 24/7 on-site advanced diagnostic imaging as well as concierge services including care navigation and patient advocacy. In addition, care doesn’t just stop after a visit to one of our centers. We remain available to you via around-the-clock telemedicine and offer house calls when you are unable to leave your home.

We can arrange expedited appointments through our robust network of specialists, from cardiology to dermatology to psychiatry. Instead of waiting weeks, we’ll get you in within a matter of days. If you do need to be hospitalized, we can help with private transport, direct admission, VIP services and exclusive amenities.

Generally, as per the national average, it can take 25 days to see a specialist. Sollis can get you in between 0-5 days, depending on the urgency.

We are an out-of-network provider. We can coordinate reimbursement for out-of-pocket services if you have out-of-network benefits as part of your plan. Sollis does not accept Medicare or Medicaid.

Coordinating care anywhere in the world.

Sollis is here to navigate the shifting travel landscape— from guidance on each country’s entry requirements, providing required medical documentation, converting vaccination certificates, to pre-flight testing and vaccination. We can facilitate access to a local doctor, assist with translating your care needs and arrange an emergency medical evacuation in the most urgent of circumstances.

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