Imaging Services

Membership includes access to state-of-the-art MRI, CT and advanced imaging equipment. 

Our team can handle 90% of what a typical ER treats – streamlining your pathway to care.

Advanced Imaging Services

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An MRI screening can detect cancers and evaluate for conditions such as strokes, dementia, multiple sclerosis, aneurysms, spinal disc herniation, orthopedic concerns and more.

CT Scans

CT scans may be performed to help diagnose tumors, investigate internal bleeding, or check for other internal injuries or damage.


X-rays can reveal health conditions such as bone fractures and breaks, tumors, scoliosis, heart problems and lung issues.


Ultrasounds are typically used to monitor pregnancy or can guide a provider during certain procedures.

Membership Plans

In order to ensure the highest standard of care,
we maintain a limited number of memberships.

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medical care.


As convenient as having a doctor in your family.


Over 45 — $6,000
Under 45 — $3,500
18 & Under — $1,500

*Ask about tiered family pricing.

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Frequently Asked Questions
about Advanced Imaging?

In specific markets, advanced imaging (MRI, CT Scan, Ultrasound) performed during the normal work week (Monday thru Friday, 8AM to 4PM) with notice can be performed in-network with your insurance provider. If you need advanced imaging, after normal business hours and on weekends, the patient is responsible for paying the out-of-pocket fee. Typical imaging fees range from $280 to $4,500. If you have out-of-network benefits, Sollis can submit your Billing Summary for possible reimbursement.

No. You will be responsible for the out-of-pocket cost for your X-Ray. X-Rays can range from $75 to $280. Sollis cannot submit X-Ray claims to your out-of-network insurance provider.

It depends on your insurance eligibility and your out-of-network insurance plan. We will not submit any medical procedures at Sollis to your in-network insurance provider.

Advanced imaging from the comfort of your home.

Our house call program is able to screen for a variety of concerns in-home using our portable Ultrasound, EKG, X-ray and CT equipment.

Our flagship centers are equipped with advanced imaging equipment, available 24/7.

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